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MLB World Series Trophy Replica

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    Washington Nationals Wins MLB Session 2019 

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    Quality Disclaimers: We serve best quality of Replica Trophy made up of brass and coated in gold polish.

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    The MLB Trophy Replica is 61 cm (24 inches) tall, excluding the base, and has a diameter of 28 cm (11 inches).It weighs approximately 14 kg (30 pounds) and is comprised of sterling silver. The trophy features thirty gold-plated flags, one is for each Key League team. The flags rise beyond a silver baseball which is covered with latitude and longitude outlines, denoting the world and which features 24-karat vermeil stitching. The base of the MLB World Series Trophy Replica encompasses an inscription copy of the signature of the commissioner and the words “Presented by the Commissioner of Baseball”.

    Balfour Jewelers of Attleboro had designed the original trophy in 1967. Massachusetts, and cost $2,500. Then, Tiffany & Co. had redesigned the trophy in 1999 and first presented at the end of the 2000 World Series, New York Yankees had won against their crosstown rivals New York Mets.

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