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    The Larry O’Brien NBA Championship Trophy is the championship trophy awarded yearly by the National Basketball Association (NBA) to the champions of the NBA Finals. Until 1984, the name of the trophy was the Walter A. Brown Trophy.

    The present time design, representing a basketball over a basket and hoop and was first presented in 1977 and still under its original name, which was changed in the honor of former NBA commissioner Larry O’Brien who worked between 1975 to 1984. Before joining the NBA, O’Brien was the United States Postmaster General under President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1965 to 1968.

    The trophy is 2 feet tall and is made of 15.5 lbs of sterling silver and vermeil with a 24-karat gold overlay. The trophy has been manufactured by Tiffany & Co. The championship team preserves permanent possession of the trophy. The year and winning team names are imprinted on the trophies and are often significantly exhibited in the arena of winning team.

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