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EFL Carling Trophy Replica

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EFL Cup Replica


The original EFL Carling trophy was specially made and paid for by then EFL president Joe Richards, who had his named imprinted on the prize. Richards’ support for Football League secretary Alan Hardaker, the man endorsed with first proposing the League Cup, by creation of the trophy is regarded as fundamental in bringing the League Cup to fruition.

Modeled in a distinctive Georgian style, the EFL Cup Replica is in the shape of an urn with C-scroll panels and handles of shell and scroll ornament. A plinth – ebonised with an extolled silver band – was afterwards made individually to complete the design. Weighing-in at 2,976 grams (just over 6.5 pounds) and measuring 27 cm by 20.5cm, the cost to reproduce the same trophy today is almost worth around £20,000.

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EFL Carling Trophy Replica

The original idea for a EFL Carling trophy came from Stanley Rous who saw the competition as a consolation for clubs who had already been knocked out of the FA Cup. Though it wasn’t Rous who came to implement it, but Football League Secretary Alan Hardaker. Hardaker at first proposed the competition as a way for the clubs to make up on lost revenue, due to a reduction in matches played, for when the league was to be re-organised. The reorganization of the league was not immediately forthcoming; however, the cup competition was introduced regardless.

The EFL Carling Trophy Replica was rewarded for personally by Football League President Joe Richards, who was proud of the competition and he had his own name engraved on it. Richards described the competition’s formation as an ‘interim step’ on the way to the league’s re-organisation. Richards’ priority was the re-organisation of the leagues; ‘perhaps by cutting down the number of clubs in each division, as has already been suggested, and even given more contemplation to the scheme of 4 up , 4 down’.

Hardaker did feel about the Football League needed to adapt to the times, as the English game was losing prestige. He felt that the Football League should take the lead in revitalizing football in the nation: “It must be obvious to all of you to do something as time has come, and it’s up to the Football League to give the lead. I trust the Press won’t right away presume that the League is going to fall out with the F.A. or anybody else… the time has come for our voice to be heard in every problem which affects the professional game.”

The EFL Carling Trophy competition was recognized at a time when match day attendances were dwindling. The league had lost one million spectators compared to the previous season. It was recognized at a time when tensions between the Football League and the Football Association were high. The major difference was about how revenue was shared between the clubs.

For the duration of the late 1950s, the majority of senior English clubs equipped their grounds with floodlights. This opened up the opportunity to exploit weekday evenings throughout the winter. The League Cup was introduced in the 1960–61 season specifically as a mid-week floodlit tournament, to replace the Southern Professional Floodlit Cup.

The EFL Carling Trophy was criticized by the better-endowed clubs. The Times’ correspondent at the time felt that the EFL Carling Trophy was a step in the wrong direction; the European Cup had been formed five years prior to the EFL Carling Trophy and the journalist felt the League Cup’s opening was adding to existing problems. The Times published on 30 May 1960: “Where a drastic reduction is required in an attempt to raise quality, no doubt quantity and a further spread of mediocrity will be the dose. Where men like Count Bernabeu with his wider horizons, think in terms of a European League for the future in which a lead could surely now be given jointly by our great leaders, the EFL Carling Trophy suggest next season to implement their useless EFL Carling Tr

ophy to be played in midweek.

EFL Carling Trophy Replica

The EFL Carling Trophy Replica has identical dimensions as the original one. We create high quality replica trophies for Vince Lombardi Cup. Our trophies are customizable as per the customer’s requirements.




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